Gabitoff GROUP company provides FREE CONSULTING in social and financial areas. We work with individuals, self-employed persons and limited companies. A wide range of social and financial services will suit your needs.

Our dedicated team has more than 9 years of experience and speak multiple languages including English, Russian, Romanian and Bulgarian.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Clients feedback

Ioana David
Director of Smart B Formwork Ltd

In short, I am proud that I have chosen Gabitoff Group company, this is a team of professionals working rapidly day to day, immediately responding to you either by email or phone anytime (at any time that I really appreciate), the best mentors in the management of small and large companies, in a few words, the team is ten out of ten. I recommend them with great pleasure because if you want to get a quality result related to your business, you can count on the Gabitoff Group.

Aleksandrs Morozs

I would like to leave a review about the company Gabitoff Group and share my experience of working with this company for the second year already!!! Prior to this, I changed 3 companies (either the prices were cosmic or no one answered at the time when consultation was needed). And when I started to cooperate and use the services of the Gabitoff Group I began to save my time and receive service at 110% for an adequate fee! The staff is very friendly, immediately respond to my SMS, and it even happened that they answered my calls outside of working hours and always helped with advice!!! I 110% recommend them!

Yulia Titova
Director of Miss USSR Management LTD

I’ve been using Gabitoff Group services for 4 years. Absolutely love this company. Really responsive staff, friendly, always helps with advices. They will never let me forget about completing returns and paying taxes on time. I think that’s fantastic. Tried a lot of other companies before, but Gabitoff Group 100% is the best. Highly recommended.

Georgi Dimitrov

I have been using Gabitoff Group services for a year now. Despite the short time of co-operation with them, I can leave only good reviews in relation to their professionalism. I personally did Self-Assessment and Tax Refund with them, since I work in the construction industry, but I am sure that they provide any other service at the highest level. Apply to them for accounting services and you will receive service without delays and unnecessary expenses.